Work Update| Optimised large-area MEAs| Nov 2022

Partners IRD, CNR-ITAE, Hydrolite, CNRS, and TFP Hydrogen have been working on the final ANIONE MEA design.

The final ANIONE MEA consists of a NiFe-oxide anode on a Ni-felt, an anion exchange membrane, and a Ni-alloy cathode on carbon gas diffusion layer. The selected formulation is scaled-up by IRD for the full-size MEA manufacture.

IRD is completing the manufacturing of 25 full-size MEAs that will be used to construct the ANIONE full-size stack. The stack will the constructed and tested by Hydrogenics. Three (3) full-size MEAs have been manufactured by IRD and provided already to the partners; One (1) MEA was shipped to CNR-ITAE for electrochemical check, and two (2) MEAs were sent to Hydrogenics for the initial stack assembly trials. CNR-ITAE tested the MEA  with a very encouraging result for both performance and durability.

The results are documented in D5.2.