ANIONE results presented by CNR-ITAE at GEI 2023, Italy | Sep 2023


Sabrina Zignani presented some results related to the ANIONE project, title oft he presentation “Alkaline water electrolysis based on non-critical raw materials”. A commercially available Fumatech membrane FAA3–50® was chosen for this study and presentation. NiCu showed promising performance but also rapid degradation. NiMo dispersed on carbon showed the best performance amongst the CRM-free anodes. Achievement of optimal performance, required a cell conditioning of about 100 h. Proper voltage efficiency was achieved in a 2000 h durability test. High performances of 1 A cm- 2 at 1–7 – 1.8 V during a steady-state stability test with 1 M KOH recirculation through the cell were achieved even if an increase of reversible losses was recorded by the end of the test. Post operation analysis showed reduction of high oxidation state Ni and Mo species in the NiMo/KB catalyst; moreover, some dissolution of Mo from the cathode was observed during prolonged operation.

General event information

  • Objective: This work has focused on developing CRM-free anode and cathode catalysts for stable operation at high current density and with low overpotential in an anion exchange membrane-based electrolysis cell.
  • Date: 17-21 September 2023
  • Location: Cefalu- ITALY
  • Event: Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana (GEI) 2023, the annual congress of the Division of Electrochemistry of the Italian Chemical Society
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  • Estimation of attendees: 165 people for the entire conference