TFP Hydrogen

TFP Hydrogen Products is a growing enterprise that specialises in the manufacture and development of electrochemical materials for a wide range of electrochemical technologies, specialising in coatings and catalysts for water electrolyser systems. The company offers a wide selection of catalysts, battery electrolytes, Li-ion battery materials and coated electrodes for the full spectrum of electrochemical processes. TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd was founded in 2011 to exploit decades of experience in the development of electrochemical materials and nano-materials. The team offer a comprehensive range of skills and experience in chemistry, electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering, materials science, analytical science, research and development projects, quality assurance and lean production.

Previous experience related to project tasks: TFP Hydrogen Products has extensive experience developing coatings and materials for a wide range of electrochemical applications. As well as experience in electrocatalyst development and scale up; MEA fabrication and testing; contract manufacturing; water electrolyser cell evaluation; development of bespoke coatings for a range of applications.