Planned & Achieved

Results of the ANIONE project will be documented in reports.
These reports are planned for the complete project period.
In the below overview you will find the planned reports divided over the different topics.
When a report is available you will be linked to the document by clicking the title.
Please note that if a report contains confidential information, only the public summary will be available.

1. Project management and coordination

  1. Project management plan including shared workspace implemented and operational | Publishable summary
  2. Annual data reporting (Year 1)
  3. Annual data reporting (Year 2)
  4. Annual data reporting (Year 3)


2. Specifications, harmonisation, life-cycle and cost analyses

  1. Harmonised test protocols for assessing AEM electrolysis components, cells and stacks in a wide range of operating temperature and pressure
  2. Techno-economic assessment and Life cycle analysis of the AEM electrolyser


3. Innovative anion exchange ionomers, reinforcements and membranes

  1. Supply of 1st generation ionomer dispersions, reinforcements and additives for manufacturing AEM electrolysis membranes
  2. Provision of selected reinforced membranes and ionomers for characterisation
  3. Data-set on membranes and ionomer dispersions. Supply of down-selected membranes and ionomer dispersions manufacturing largearea MEAs


4. Enhanced anode and cathode catalysts for AEM electrolysis

  1. Data-set on catalytic activity, electrochemical performance and stability of enhanced catalysts 
  2. Manufacturing of catalysts meeting the provision for large area MEAs and stack
  3. Publishable report on electrocatalysts and recombination catalyst development for AEM electrolysis


5. MEA engineering and cell testing

  1. Engineered membrane electrode assemblies for AEM electrolysis operation
  2. Optimised large-area MEAs supply for stack testing
  3. Publishable report on MEA assessment


6. Stack engineering, BoP design, prototyping and testing

  1. Report on stack engineering and assessment under high current density, high temperature and pressure
  2. Validation of AEM electrolysis stack performance and durability in endurance tests and load cycling operating conditions


7. Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation

  1. Design of a project visual identity set and provision of project templates (presentations, minutes, logo etc.)
  2. Project website and database for dissemination (stakeholders, interest, groups, contact details)
  3. Dissemination Plan including knowledge management protocol
  4. Survey of dissemination activities and final plan for dissemination
  5. Exploitation plan of project results


8. Ethics requirements

  1. NEC – Requirement No. 1