HydroLite (former Elbit Systems Energy & Po-celltech) is a SME located in Caesarea, Israel (Hatochen 2 Street Caesarea Industrial Park North 38900 Israel, Phone: +972 46327678), with Elbit Systems as a majority share-holder. HydroLite’s mission is to develop the best technology for a low-cost mass-produced alkaline membrane fuel cell system that can meet the automotive standards. The company holds a worldleading position as a developer of a unique low-cost AEM Fuel Cell (FC) technology, enabling operation
with low-cost catalysts and structural materials, while maintaining the strong advantages of a membrane electrolyte fuel cell: a semi-solid-state power source with no need of liquid electrolyte. Consequently, adaptation of HydroLite’s technology for transport applications has the potential to generate an electric vehicle power source satisfying three key demands: range of >500 km per refuel, fast refueling, and last but not least, low cost. HydroLite is an R&D oriented SME, consisting of 30 employees, among which, almost a third have PhDs in chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science and engineering and nanotechnology. The company takes pride in its comprehensive R&D as well as state-of-the art laboratories and infrastructure, covering the development, design, implementation and evaluation of innovative materials and nanotechnologies for challenging energy density requirements and environments and high levels of technical skills and expertise in multidisciplinary systems, that have yielded customizable solutions with the optimal balance between power performance, inner resistance, safety, life span and energy density.

Country: Israel
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“Enabling hydrogen economy by introducing a low-cost high-performance Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cell Technology”