Hydrogenics Europe NV is a SME that has been developing water electrolyzers for over 20 years and has installed over 400 systems worldwide for many different applications. Hydrogenics is one of the only electrolyzer companies that has both alkaline and proton exchange types of electrolysis systems in house, leveraging know how and cross fertilization of these technologies. The company is proactively involved in developing hydrogen storage solutions for renewable energy by being part of Hydrogen Europe and by delivering equipment to many renewable projects. Hydrogenics is participating as an active member in the IEA HIA (International Energy Agency – Hydrogen Implementing Agreement) and the EASE (European Association for the Storage of Energy), being involved as expert for electrolyzer-to-renewable connections, energy storage and for remote community energy storage. In this project Hydrogenics will design, develop and construct an advanced AEM electrolysis stack. In recent years Hydrogenics has been actively involved in projects investigating electrolyzer development for Power-to-Gas processes. These projects have provided Hydrogenics an extensive knowledge of electrolyzer characteristics for different applications. Hydrogenics will deploy its (electro)chemical system expertise in order to demonstrate the technological objectives of this project. Hydrogenics is a full member of the European Industry Grouping for the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (HYDROGEN EUROPE)

Country: Belgium
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“Hydrogenics is participating in ANIONE to develop and validate AEM electrolyser technology at small scale, which will result in the initiation of upscaling projects if successful”