ANIONE Succesful Final Event

The ANIONE project reached its completion!

The project results and achievements have been presented and discussed during the 2-in-1 workshop: CLEAN HYDROGEN JU AEMEL PROJECT FINDINGS & JRC ELECTROLYSER DEGRADATION”, held in Brussels (by the Clean Hydrogen JU premises) on 29th September.

The event, co-organised between the ANIONE project and the Clean Hydrogen JU, aimed to report on the findings of the (almost) finished AEMEL projects active in past three to four years.

During the workshop the ANIONE project together with the other AEM Hub projects (CHANNEL and NEWELY)  and the European Commission (Clean Hydrogen JU and JRC) discussed the challenges encountered, results and future opportunities for AEM electrolysers and the linked technology.

The workshop was divided in three sessions:

  1. Overview of the AEM electrolysis projects completed in 2023
  2. Low temperature electrolyser degradation phenomena and test methodology
  3. Roundtable discussion on electrolyser degradation phenomena, and test methodology including AST protocols


The event had a hybrid format: close number of participants on site and open registration online. In total the event counted approx. 150 participants.

All presentations of the event can be found here.