Milestone 2 achieved: Innovative AEM electrolysis membranes for operation in a wide range of temperature and pressure | March 2021

Involved partners:
CNR-ITAE, TFP Hydrogen (formerly PV3), IRD, CNRS, HydroLite (formerly PoCellTech)

Date of achievement:
31 March 2021 (M15).

Hydrocarbon poly(arylene) based anion exchange ionomer showed high ionic conductivity, above 50 mS/cm reaching the target, and good thermal stability-above 246 °C.

Composite membranes using anion exchange ionomer and PBI /sPSU/sPPEK fibers showed enhanced plastic behaviour compared to the non-reinforced ionomer membrane. Crossover tests using stand-alone Hydrolite and modified Fumatech type membranes in the temperature range of 30-110 °C showed less than 0.2% of crossover.

Composite membranes with thicknesses of 38-49 microns showed OH- conductivity values at 50 °C of 90-105 mS/cm.

Best series resistance measured in single cell for the second version of the Hydrolite membrane (25 µm thick) has shown values of 0.06 Ohm cm2 at 50 °C.

The results are documented in D3.1, D3.2, and D5.1.