Work update | Optimisation of the electrodes at CNR-ITAE

In the early months of 2022, CNR-ITAE was kept busy with achieving Milestone 4 for the ANIONE project. For this milestone we dove deeper into the provisions of large-area membranes and meeting the specifications. Read below a short piece about this research and milestone achievement.

In spray coating applications, a fine powder is drawn from a storage device before being fluidised and ejected through a charged nozzle onto a substrate.

It is essential that the powder can be effectively and consistently fluidised without the formation of agglomerates that may block the nozzle and affect the charging of the individual particles, leading to poor adhesion or the appearance of agglomerates on the substrate. Establishing a smooth flow from the storage device is essential, as variable flow into the fluidisation chamber will lead to a poorly fluidised bulk. Identifying and quantifying which powder properties correlate with the most efficient performance in a process allows new formulations to be optimised without the high cost of running samples through the process to assess suitability, making considerable savings in terms of time and raw materials, and minimising wastage due to rejected products.