Work update | AEM Hub | Feb 2022

On 28 Jan 2022, the three projects of the AEM Hub (ANIONE, CHANNEL and NEWELY) got together with the Clean Hydrogen JU experts to discuss the progress and challenges of the projects in the first two years and identify synergies and solutions for the last phase of the projects. The workshop kicked off with a short presentation from each of the project Coordinators who presented the status and challenges faced.

The main challenges identified are:

  • Concentrations of KOH between 0 and 1 M were studied in the project having influence on performance and lifetime. The ideal concentration depends on the system and still needs to be identified and its effect needs to be better understood;
  • The various AEM membranes and ionomers are varying in chemical and thermal stability;
  • Need for harmonized procedures and baseline materials to properly access and compare the progress of alternative materials:
  • Progress of the technology is a compromise between performance and durability.

The synergies that are planned to be exploited during 2022 are:

  • Revision and update of the joint testing protocols;
  • Use of the same cell for testing in the 3 projects;
  • Investigate possibility of round robin testing;
  • Writing of a joint publication on the common knowledge generated.

The joint effort done by the three projects in the AEM Hub is expected to bring new fruitful results during 2022.
Stay tuned for updates!