Video #3 | Preparing perfluorinated anionic ionomers | March 2021

In the last couple of months the development of perfluorinated anionic ionomer to be used in alkaline electrolysis device has been researched. During this development the reaction parameters and best reagents and solvents to be used for this purpose has been clarified.
The finding that came from this study is that the Anionic exchange polymers can now be used for membranes and liquid ionomers realization. The next step is the scale-up of this procedure in order to obtain bigger batches to be used in the electrolysis devices.

The most important impact could be the development of a possible benchmark that is still now not available among the commercial products.

In this video the preparation of perfluorinated anionic ionomers is shown step by step:

Step 1: Polymer dispersion in the solvent

Step 2: Amine addition for amidation reaction

Step 3: Filtration and washing of the reaction product