ANIONE project start | Jan 2020

On 1 January 2020 the ANIONE project started.

The ANIONE project aims at developing a solution for efficient and sustainable storage of renewable energy into hydrogen by advanced anion exchange membrane water electrolysis (AEMWE). This is needed because renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are highly variable. The intermittent nature of these energy sources requires rapid-response, cost-effective and scalable energy storage systems. These systems should be capable of absorbing the electrical power exceeding the capacity of the grid.

Storing renewable energy in the form of hydrogen is an ideal solution to the energy management challenge. The foremost technology for producing hydrogen is water electrolysis. In addition to energy storage, hydrogen can also be used for a variety of other applications including heat and electricity production, the development of a sustainable transport and mobility sector, as well as in industrial processes. Thus, the produced hydrogen will allow to decarbonize progressively specific segments in mobility, power, buildings, and industry.

Facts & figures:

  • Full project name: Anione Exchange Membrane Electrolysis for Renewable Hydrogen Production on a Wide-Scale
  • Project acronym: ANIONE
  • Duration: Jan 2020 – Dec 2022
  • Start date: 1 January 2020
  • Total budget: € 2M
  • EC funding: € 2M
  • Partners: The project consortium consists of 7 partners from 7 different EU and associated countries. (Italy, France, Israel, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands)