Milestone 7 achieved: Enhanced performance for engineered MEAs | June 2021

Involved partners:
CNR-ITAE, TFP Hydrogen (formerly PV3), IRD, CNRS, HydroLite (formerly PoCellTech)

Date of achievement:
30 June 2021 (M18).

Best recorded performance for non-CRM electrocatalyst and hydrocarbon membrane-based MEA of 1.85 V at 1 A cm-2 during polarisation curves was recorded and 1.7 V at 1 A cm-2 under durability testing. An MEA based on nanosized NiMo/C cathode and NiFe-oxide anode electrocatalysts was operated at 1 A cm-2 and 50 °C under steady-state conditions showing decrease of cell voltage from 2 V to 1.75 V during 2000 hrs operation; stable performance (no increase of cell voltage) of 2 V at 1 A cm-2 under cycled operation for 1000 hrs was recorded.

The results are documented in D5.1.