ISIEM 2023| June 2023

The International Symposium on Inorganic and Environmental Materials (ISIEM 2023) will take place in Montpellier, France, between 19 – 23 June 2023.

The ISIEM symposium will focus on the newest research and technologies on inorganic materials related to the topics: Materials for Energy and Environment (topic #1), Functional Materials (topic #2), Biomaterials (topic #3). Masonry Materials (Topic #4); Nanomaterials (topics #5) and Materials Processing (topic #6).  ISIEM hopes that the event will draw participants from many countries, and that it will provide an opportunity for researchers in the fields of inorganic and environmental materials, and nano-materials to gather under one roof and deepen their understanding.

For more information visit the event website.

ANIONE partners CNRS will participate at ISIEM 2023 and present results on anion exchange membranes reinforced with polymer nanofibre webs.