Interview with ANIONE Coordinator, Messina | Oct 2022

Dr Antonino Aricò, coordinator of the ANIONE project and head of CNR-ITAE, has been interviewed by Italian media on the role of hydrogen for a green future. In the interview, our project coordinator explains how we can contribute to “building a green future thanks to hydrogen”.

One of the challenges EU is facing is facilitating (and help speeding up) the transition from natural gas – for which costs are dramatically increasing in the past months – to another form of energy carrier. The green hydrogen could be one of the best candidates. It can be generated using (only) water and electricity coming from renewable sources (differently from grey hydrogen, generated by fossil fuels).

Applying electrolysis and new hydrogen technologies will not only contribute to replace natural gas and fossil fuels but also significantly reduce the environmental impact for fuel and energy generation.

Read the full article (in Italian) and have a look at the hydrogen research performed at CNR-ITAE in this video.

Image: CNR-ITAE research team in the lab (Alessandro Cajumi, Antonino Aricò, Serena Todaro, Leone Frusteri).