Deliverable 2.1 | June 2020

In June 2020, Deliverable 2.1 (Harmonised test protocols for assessing AEM electrolysis components, cells and stacks in a wide range of operating temperature and pressure) has been submitted!


The objectives of the deliverable D2.1 are to define characterisation and test protocols for the assessment of performance, efficiency and durability of the newly developed AEM electrolyser components and stack. The procedures and methods defined within are a set of protocols for ex-situ and in-situ characterisation of active components such as membranes, catalysts, electrode-membrane assemblies (MEAs) and stacks. Included are steady-state and dynamic-mode durability tests as well as performance evaluation under specific operating conditions. In particular, the procedures deal with an establishment of a set of characterisation and testing protocols for ex-situ and in-situ characterisation of AEM electrolyser components such as membrane, electro-catalysts and MEAs. The testing protocols, parameters and procedures for the assessment of these active components are defined to allow for a homogeneous screening and evaluation of the newly developed components. Appropriate testing protocols are defined to individually screen materials in order to find those that provide the perspectives of application in large area MEAs and thus in the final stack. The procedures for active components are complemented by measurement protocols for stack assessment. All these procedures and protocols will be used to validate the quantitative project targets in terms of performance, durability and dynamic behaviour. Baseline components against which progress is assessed, in terms of durability and performance cost, are identified.

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