AEM-HUB – Reshaping green hydrogen production | Jan 2022

The ANIONE project has joined forces with related EC-funded projects CHANNEL and NEWELY and formed the project cluster AEM-HUB – Reshaping green hydrogen production.

The projects in the AEM-HUB aim at developing solutions for efficient and sustainable storage of renewable energy by converting electricity into hydrogen via advanced anion exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolysis (WE).

The AEM-HUB projects will push the development of AEM water electrolysis systems towards lower costs, higher efficiency, and increased sustainability. This will pave the way for larger-scale implementation of the technology and make Europe a global leader in green hydrogen production.

The AEM-HUB webpage is available via each of the project websites. Here you can download the AEM-HUB factsheet and check out the cool AEM-HUB introduction video!